Bordering On Treason – The Launch of!

Palmyra Ruins, Syria - Sept 2010

You are getting this email because we have connected over the years.

Following along with this year’s mantra, We Move Forward 2012, I would like to introduce you to my brand new website and blog: where I’ll be posting:

-       The latest news, which right now is the fundraiser going on for Bordering On Treason – a documentary made by a group of unsuspecting women filmmakers over the last 9 years about my work in Iraq (much to my dismay! lol). Director and producer, Trish Dalton, just won a much coveted New York State Council of the Arts grant for $17,000 to finish post production, enabling it to be shown in a theater in your community as early as this summer!

-       Commentary

-       Links to blogs, articles, tweets, and other sites – mine and those written by others

-       The occasional (but brief) rant

-       All sorts of interesting items, including an upcoming article about my journey to Syria at the invite of the Syrian government in the fall of 2010…which coincided with the 36-day false imprisonment of an Iraqi-Canadian friend in one of Syria’s underground prisons.

Posts promise to be controversial, insightful, mind-blowing, humorous, provocative, informative, political (and not), but most importantly, connective. Basically, I’ll be sharing the same things I’ve been sharing during my 15 years with Chronogram – cutting edge news and politics issues with you, my readers who span the world. You live locally, regionally, and internationally – from Morocco to Mexico, Iraq to Syria, the US to Canada. And I want all of you to talk among yourselves – or at the very least be aware of what others are talking about, and living, eating, breathing, and thinking in order to survive and keep positive energy as we all move forward.

Many getting this email are Chronogram fans. Others – a huge chunk – are Iraqis. And others are from the national and international community. All I consider to be friends…many of whom have been asking for such a site for quite some time now.

Peruse! Enjoy! Comment! And please check out Bordering On Treason – share it with your email lists and contacts.

Note: If for some reason (and I can think of many) you do not want to receive emails alerting you to new posts, please let me know and you will be removed from the list – regretfully but understandably! For those of you who want to be receive emails but are receiving multiply notifications, before you bail out totally, please let me know at which email you would like to receive posts and I will personally remove the others.

Moving it forward…2012 and beyond. Many thanks for your support in the past and moving into the future!

My sincerest thanks!


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